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Verify quickly which website respects your privacy rights
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Who are we

Who we are

Our Vision

As the premier privacy protection tool, we aim to earn the trust of millions of users by providing valuable insights into the privacy policies of websites and technology products.


Our product utilizes transparency research, machine learning, and NLP to deliver unparalleled privacy protection.

Nudge for Action

Enhance data practices and unlock valuable insights that will help transform data from a liability into a valuable asset, driving innovation, growth, and success within the organization.

How it works

How it works


TLDR; No worries

Privacy Rating uses AI to analyze a website's privacy policy and rate its data practices. The AI algorithm assesses factors such as data collection, use, and sharing, to provide a comprehensive privacy report in the form of a privacy nutrition label. This label helps users make informed decisions about their online privacy, by clearly presenting a website's privacy practices in a simple and easy-to-understand format.

AI trained on legal tech

AI trained on legal tech can analyze privacy policies with high accuracy and efficiency. For example, organizations like OPP (Open Privacy Policy Project) and TOSDR (Terms of Service; Didn't Read) use AI algorithms to classify and extract information from privacy policies, such as data collection practices and user rights. This allows for a more comprehensive and accurate analysis of a website's privacy practices, enabling users to make informed decisions about their online privacy. The use of AI in legal tech is revolutionizing the way privacy policies are analyzed and helping to promote greater transparency and accountability in the digital world.


Active Monitoring

Vericy ensures that users are informed of changes to a brand's privacy policy by actively monitoring the policy and alerting users. This allows users to make informed decisions, such as continuing engagement with the brand or requesting data erasure, in response to any updates to the policy.

Join the movement

Joining the movement to promote privacy and data protection is easy and can be done by anyone. By taking small steps and encouraging others to do the same, you can make a difference and drive change. To get started, make your voice heard by speaking out and engaging with enterprises on the issue. Encourage others to do the same, building a groundswell of support that can bring about real change. With persistence and dedication, you can turn a solo appeal into a powerful collective demand for action.

Meet the team

Meet the team

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